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Ghost of Christmas Past

last christmas, we chartered a yacht and sailed the whitsundays for a very lazy ten days. alas, this year, it was not to be… there was much water, but conclusively not quite the same! this festive season has been a lot more subdued by all accounts, outside of the feasting, a few good drams, and a lot more cigars!

on the yacht, for openers, i thoroughly enjoyed a box of 25 partagas serie D4, an exquisite spicy robusto, perfect for the open ocean. each and every one just as good as the one before. i lament only the one fumbled overboard (as i was lighting it off the stub of the previous stick in some unusually turbulent water) … and then to comfort myself, declared the fallen cigar a sacrifice to poseidon for fair waters, the signature red band winking at me as i watched it disappear at a rapid rate of knots into the wide blue yonder in our wake.

the vegas robaina unicos and h upmann magnum 50’s were also a treat for my brother and i, although the girls were rather disgusted that we’d already finished our first smoke during a dawn swim, before offering them a demi tasse by el rey del mundo with breakfast (because of course, real ladies never smoke before noon!)

this christmas, hoyo de monterrey epicure no 2 and hoyo de monterrey double coronas have featured predominantly, with a couple of ramone allones small club coronas thrown in for good measure. a 20 year-old bruichladdie rounded out the break.

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