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Paladar meets the Brisbane floods

on the eve of the flood, not knowing what to expect, i walked out of paladar with a firm set of priorities. the most important thing…the cigars…

when the waters didn’t rise overnight as first predicted, we decided not to waste the second chance. dee and i went back into south brisbane at 6am predominantly motivated to save the large cabinet that functions as the paladar humidor. preservation of the integrity of the seasoned timber in the humidor was critical, as cigars are very absorbent and take on the characteristics of their environment. once the timber had tasted poo water, no amount of gurneying would recover it, and there was no chance of it ever serving as a humidor again! poo water and cigars, not a good idea.

as dee and i readied to shift the humidor to higher ground in the apartment block next door, we were surprised by the arrival of my brother, my father and gerard (the crazy frenchman who lives upstairs, pictured above) offering their assistance.

seizing the opportunity…

2 hours later, paladar was stripped of anything not permanently attached, plumbed in or electrically connected. everything else was loaded into dad and mitch’s respective utes. gerry offered to mind the cookies, and other brick-a-brick, as well filling as every landing between the ground floor and gerry’s top floor abode.

when we arrived at 6am, the floodwaters were two city blocks from paladar. by 8.30 when we left, water was lapping at the corner of melbourne st. we departed for home, and were later advised by dad that in the 20 mins he spent helping the neighbours, the waters had moved across melbourne street. ferocious!

the rest of the time during that flood period we spent constructing an almighty barricade across our driveway at home to prevent water filling our subterranean garage. having already moved the cavalcade of old girls (vintage cars), there was not much left to do but consume the chilled 1999 vintage champagne and wheel of brie left in the fridge when the power went off, as we maintained a vigil over the petrol pump that was keeping our basement dry.

in the following days as the floodwaters receded, we drove to paladar to realise that our worst fears had fortunately not materialised. time for a spring clean and to replace all the paladar accoutrements. 2 hours to pack up, 4 days to reconstruct! thankfully all we lost was power for a few days – it could have been much worse.

i would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one (too numerous to list) who offered their time and enthusiasm to help us get back on track. we were absolutely inundated with phone calls, texts and emails, and it was quite overwhelming to realise the extent of paladar friendships. our thoughts were and are still very much with those who lost so much more than we did, and are continuing to rebuild their lives.

paladar dodged the bullet and lived to serve again!

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